Although not, he habitually sexually molested each one of their children, for instance the guy, and you can privately and you will psychologically abused his partner

Sufferers that are Christians commonly stay in abusive relationship since Scriptures, that will be quoted and you will interpreted regarding pulpit, relatively give the yards hardly any other option

What, in these Christian homes, was conducive to abuse? Outstanding researchers Christy Telch and Coral Linquist give an important clue. “They learned that violent couples “have more stereotyped sex-role attitudes and more traditional views of marriage.” They stated that “when a very legalistic, highly traditional world view is adopted by men who have ‘exaggerated needs for dominance vis-б-vis their wives, poor verbal skills to enable them establish such dominance, poor access to their emotions, exaggerated anxiety about relationship issues,’ and difficulty with intimacy, such factors can provide fertile ground for the emergence of violent behavior.