Hyperhidrosis is a medical term used for excessive sweating. When the body temperature rises, we start sweating to regulate it. Excessive sweating is a medical problem which means that the nerves innervating the sweat glands are hyperactive. The areas which can sweat excessively are Hands, Scalp, Palms, Feet and Armpits.


The best treatment for HYPERHIDROSIS is to use neurotoxins (botox, dysport). Neurotoxins slow down the overactive response of the nerves which are making sweat glands to work excessively.


Takes 10-15 mins in the clinic to do the injections itself. Preparation before injecting the neurotoxin can take 10-15 mins. Neurotoxin is injected right under the skin in small aliquots. The injection sites are 1-2 cms from each other in a grid form.
The effect of the treatment lasts for about 6 months. You will have to repeat the procedure in order to keep the excessive sweating under control.

Adverse Reaction

Typically the sites of injection may cause minimal bruising, pain, slight decrease in grip if injected into the palm area which can last temporarily or slight weakness of forehead muscles if injected closer to the hairline.
Since the procedure is local and superficial, it does not appear to cause any internal body harm.

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