About Volume Loss/Contour

As we age, our face starts to undergo the predictable changes associated with volume loss. As the volumes of fat, muscle and bone decreases with age, we appear to have an excess of skin and muscle and we start to develop jowls, deepened nasal labial folds, double chins and turkey necks.

This is because, by the age of around 45 facial muscle atrophy and the overlying skin begins to droop and even the smoothest most resilient skin cannot support the internal slide Poorly toned facial muscles and movement of subcutaneous fat are not the only culprits in robbing the face of its useful contour.

There is also a gradual loss of resilience of the elastic fibres, a loss of structural integrity of collagen fibres and the underlying fatty firmness of tissue declines.

Ideally treatments for volume loss should include methods of repair, such as Dermaroller and Endymed Pro, not just methods of disguise, such as Dermal Fillers. It is only by actively repairing the skins structure, that we can gain long-term improvement of the facial contour.

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