MIGRAINE is a type of headache lasting for 4-72 hrs. It usually involves one sided head, pulsating, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. It can be aggravated by loud noises, bright lights, dehydration, physical stress, mental stress, lack of sleep, oral contraceptive pills, menses and many other factors.

Episodic Migraine:

Headache which occurs 0-14 times a month.

Chronic Migraine:

Headache which occurs more than 15 times a month for more than 3 months.

Medical Treatment

Nsaid (motrin, advil, ibuprofen), analgesic containing caffeine, triptans ( class of medication), anti-nausea medications and sometimes have to use combination of more than two from these meds.

Prophylactic Treatment

When the headaches are very frequent, then the patient should definitely think about the preventative management as well.
Prevention can involve taking a tablet on daily basis from the class of meds such as TCA, SSRI, beta blockers

Neuromodulator Treatment

Neurotoxin ( DYSPORT, BOTOX) is used to treat migraine in area of nasal bridge, forehead, temples, neck and upper back.


Treatment itself takes 10-15 minutes. Pain while injecting is minimal due to sharp and very small needles. Slight burning sensation can be felt due to saline in the neurotoxin. Majority of the patients are able to return to work right after their treatment.

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To notice the effect of neurotoxin on headache, you have to wait for 10-14 days. The effect can last for 4-6 months. The injections will be repeated again after that time period. If someone does not see the positive effect of neurotoxin after the first treatment, then the procedure should be repeated again the second time. The failure of second treatment means that their headache might not respond to neurotoxin treatment.


Since it is a medical need, the cost of neurotoxin might be covered by someone’s private insurance plan. The cost of injecting can vary from $200-$300.

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